Virtual PayPal Terminal is a company of Qarallax Limited.

We developed VPT to enable anyone to get an instant PayPal temporary account and exchange their PayPal funds to Naira. VPT can also be called Azahman.

VPT is an All-in-one solution for Nigerian PayPal users. 
Get a disposable PayPal account which allows you to receive payment worldwide and Send meaningful goods and services across borders using PayPal. 

VPT allows users to utilise all the benefits of transfer PayPal into their VPT wallet with a real virtual PayPal account. 

With the VPT virtual account you can receive easier and continue exchanging 24/7. 

Freelancers, gamblers, paypal, shop owners can use the virtual account to receive money and spend funds worldwide. 

Being registered as a Business Support Service and Marketing, as its major core, it enables millions receive their PayPal earnings and payments from companies.

VPT enables internet marketers and professionals to receive payments, to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments which they can withdraw to their bank or convert to bitcoin. 

Virtual PayPal Terminal was founded to check mate all these problem and to give anyone the ability to receive PayPal payments, regardless of their location or credit-worthiness.